“With retailers closing their brick-and-mortar presences at record levels, it’s not all doom and gloom. Culture Lab opened early this year inside a former Macy’s in downtown West Palm Beach, Florida,” notes Kristine Hansen for Architectural Digest.

Culture Lab’s home is located in CityPlace, an upscale lifestyle district that opened in 2000. The center is home to the two-year-old Hilton West Palm Beach, where a 1,300-piece art collection includes a Talking Heads album design by Robert Rauschenberg, plus Tucker Robbins’s Acacia Spheres and a monumental driftwood sculpture. 

When Gopal Rajegowda—mastermind of the project and a SVP of the Related Companies, the New York–based real-estate firm—toured the space, he was “struck by the purity of the department store box," he says. "We felt it was an installation of its own… Arts and culture is the new anchor today, not department stores.”  

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