The fact that fashion, luxury and lifestyle magazine publisher Conde Nast started "23 Stories" to provide paid content by editors that reads as editorial is a crazy, bold redo of what it means to be a magazine. Not only is there no longer a separation of editorial (church) and advertising (state), but the two are now intertwined.  What's the difference between a reporter and a copywriter? Very little. Both are skilled consumer-facing writers, only one works for an ad agency and the other for a publishing house. 

According to MediaDailyNews, "content produced by 23 Stories will still be identified as sponsored messages" and marketers will have access to Conde Nast's distribution.

It's a paradigm shift. It's New Marketing -- masterful storytelling by the best talent distributed via the media brand's channels. The beauty of it is that it acknowledges that editors are exceptionally talented with considerable writing abilities worth paying for. This is news to celebrate; it beats another round of publishing layoffs.