Noodle this: An udon taxi that takes you to under-the-radar noodle shops suggested by your expert driver.

Condé Nast Traveler journalist Mary Holland uncovers the history and flavor of the world-famous udon noodle of the Kagawa prefecture in the Setouchi Region of Japan.

Holland writes, The Sanuki udon noodle’s “qualities are so distinctive, people travel from all over Japan to eat it. There are estimated to be well over 700 udon restaurants in the area, according to the Kagawa tourism website, but the one my driver wants to take me to is particularly off the beaten track. We travel for 30 minutes before we turn off a mountain road which leads us to a small village cloaked in mist... You have to slurp,” my driver instructs. I look around to see a man next to me effortlessly slurping the noodles from his chopsticks. I ask my driver to ask the man how often he comes to the noodle shop. “Every day,” he exclaims.”

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