Facebook giving users the ability to change or delete our profiles used by advertisers is a game changer. It is the beginning of self-selected advertising.

While online marketers have gotten pretty good at knowing what we like, where we have been shopping and what we have been coveting, they are still the ones in control. No one asked me if I wanted the boots I was looking at on Bluefly to follow me online. We already opt in and out of email communiques from retailers; why not exercise that same control on other platforms?

The ability to self-select advertisements will be huge after a lifetime of not being in control of the ads that cross our paths. The ability to influence what they send me on Facebook by changing my profile is an important step in the right direction. This is just the beginning of a seminal shift in advertising.

One day instead of squabbling over the TV controller at home, we will be arguing over which brand advertisements, promotions and special offers to load. Scratch that, by then we will each have our own screens and headphones so we can self-select ads geared to our individual interests and place orders. People actually like ads that speak to them.