For the Aviation Aficionados: “If you don’t want to hold out until flying cars become a reality, there’s always the Turnberry  Ocean Club developed by Jeffrey Soffer of the Soffer family [on the beach in Sunny Isles, Florida]. Turnberry residents can have private aviation access from the Fontainebleau Aviation Luxe Facility at the Opa-Locka Executive Airport. This comes with preferred rates, aircraft maintenance and full-service concierge.” reports Forbes.

For the Pet Lovers:  Oceana Bal Harbour where they “unveiled their new pet grooming spa by hosting three canine Instagram celebrities, Remix the Dog, Puck the Pup and Mallow the Frenchie, for a day of pampering to show off what was available to residents' dogs,” pens Forbes. “Some buildings are taking it even further and partnering with a company that provides walking, grooming and on-site veterinary services. In New York, for example 525W52 in Hell’s Kitchen are working with Throw Me A Bone, an all-inclusive pet care service, that curates a suite of services that can include all of the above plus dog training, doggie day/night care and a group play space.”

For the Foodies: “19 Dutch brings food carts from high-end eateries, such as Eataly or Le District, in to the lobby...” and “the Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas Hotel & Residences has a Moet & Chandon Champagne vending machine which sells mini-bottles of their namesake champagne. But why wait around to uncork a bottle? Just use the wine spigot at Seneca Lake's Belhurst Castle.” according to Forbes. 

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