Thomas Friedman recently wrote in a NYT column titled “It Takes A Mentor…and an internship” that the government should foster more employer-educator partnerships.

However, partnerships between employers and schools/students are already happening. Just at our firm we have six paid interns at all times. Ellen Frisina, a professor at Hofstra, tells us who’s good and who isn’t, and who has the passion and the drive.

The college curriculum has become a work-study program. Some students plan their college experiences around work.  One student told me she elected to go to college near a big city so she can have internships. 

Getting a job in PR is not about where you went to college. It’s about the number and type of internships you’ve had.

How we view higher education is shifting, and it is helped by the success of these work-study programs and the crazy-high cost of college.

We are moving toward the work-study model, which is a more beneficial and cost-effective way to shape young adults who possess the curious and open minds it takes to rise in the business world.

Mr. Friedman, we don't need taxpayer money on it. It is happening now. It is written in the sand.