Lifestyle: Where the Story Begins and Why We Have Rebranded

Consumers buy lifestyles. Not commodities. We buy things that enhance our lives and how we see ourselves.   

This is why we have rebranded Quinn as a lifestyle PR firm.

And today our lifestyle needs are on hyper-drive. Yesterday’s house salad is now California organic baby arugula with no-till-farmed radishes and handpicked Three Sisters heirloom tomatoes. A cup of coffee is now an Ethiopian Sidamo fair-trade latte.

Lifestyle embraces all price points. While we have a greater expectation for luxury brands to be lifestyle-oriented, all successful brands at all price points sell lifestyle. Target turned low-priced commodities into lifestyle purchases. Freehand turned a Miami hostel into a vibrant scene. Highly designed Apple products make a statement about who we are as users. Starbucks turned coffee into…well…Starbucks. 

Stand out with lifestyle. We must build products with style for living and lifestyle stories to tell.  This is how we attract today’s consumer. This is how we stand out. A luxury, long-stay brand creates NYC’s first outdoor glamping bedroom. A Miami condominium development provides a 40-foot Van Dutch sports boat and captain to ferry residents around town. A hotel installs, not just a garden, but a sustainable rooftop garden with honeybees. 

This is where the story begins. It is also the story of our rebrand. Meet Quinn, a new lifestyle PR firm.