Last in a series of three excerpts from a video shoot with Jeff Koons in which he shares the message in his art, posted on the occasion of his Whitney retrospective. Koon’s 11’ Pluto & Proserpina sculpture, part of a new series, is on loan to the museum from Oceana Bal Harbour, a gracious, all-glass condominium project rising on a rare, 5-acre oceanfront site in Bal Harbour, Florida. Developer and world-class art collector Eduardo Costantini selected two Koons sculptures (Pluto & Proserpina and Ballerina) for this very special gated community. From NYC, Pluto & Proserpina will travel to Paris and Bilbao before making its home on the grounds of Oceana Bal Harbour.

“One of my favorite materials -- a material I come back to often -- is stainless steel. The first time I worked with stainless steel I wanted to have a dialogue with the eternal. It is a strong durable material; it is made to last; it has a strength of its being -- a strong character. It is a symbol of the proletariat in a way – something very, very tough. It has a voice of the community, but it is something that can be very delicate and very, very understanding and have a dialogue, a conversation. 

“When you polish that material it embraces the viewer. You have affirmation of your own self. You have affirmation of the dialogue that is taking place.  Whatever that object has in it is being shared with you. It is really about your future, your own possibility.”