Midnight Power Outages for a Good Night's Sleep

Ten years ago when I traveled I watched a lot of TV and cared about program selection, cable and pay-per-view. Today it's all about my iPad and bandwidth. When I'm not at the beach or in a restaurant, I'm in the room on my iPad doing business, catching up on news, playing a game or watching a show. 

When it comes to traditional, five-star hotels the bathrooms are  spectacular and the bedding is ultra comfortable, all of which we have come to expect, but the internet connection is almost always painfully slow or ridiculously expensive.  And TV monitors, which are important to me for my own content, always seem to underwhelm in terms of width, depth, clarity and sound.

I have come to understand that people are not so dissimilar, and what is key to me is important to others.  That is why every suite at AKA’s 10 properties has complimentary, super high-speed (50 mb of bandwidth) Wi-Fi and 50"HD led Samsung TVs in the living room, some with sound bars, and the same model in 40" in the bedroom with hundreds of channels and multiple HBO channels all complimentary. 

Now one of my personal challenges is how do I balance the want for business and entertainment with the need for sleep?  How do I get from plugged-in land to my dreamscape?  In Philadelphia at AKA Rittenhouse Square we installed special lighting that mirrors natural, outdoor lighting at noon then fades in the afternoon.   

Maybe the next step is planned power outages at midnight. Generators will be used and programmed to provide only enough juice to power a few necessary items, such as HVAC, a sleep CD and a bathroom night light.