Pharrell Williams has a ton to teach us on how to acknowledge the people in our lives. As a judge on the seventh season of The Voice, Pharrell’s feedback was boldly and sweetly encouraging regardless of the performance. The pop star, who believes in God, was a spiritual force for the aspiring singers. Like his mega hit Happy – number one in the US and 23 other countries --  Pharrell spread happiness as a judge.

Every time you come out you tell your story, and it never gets old. 

Every week you just give more and more. 

Rock star.  There are not many rock stars that sing like that.  I am going to take off the rock and just use star.

Bono would be so happy and proud.

I can’t wait to see what your album is like, my friend. 

You have an incredible willingness to take creative license -- to take a song, transform it and make it your own.

To god be the glory for going through everything to get yourself here. 

What does it feel like to be at the top of your game and surrender it to god in front of the world?