For Mixology Night at the Penthouse, Ray Keane, Newport's on-demand mixologist at Battello, whipped up two never-before-shaken cocktails exclusively for Quinn.  

Inspired by the aggravating, creative, demanding and wonderful cities of New York and Miami, where we do our thing, the cocktails were appropriately christened Penthouse Potion No. 12 and Moon over Miami.  

When preparing the little creatures at home, the beach or en office, let the whack, smack and magic of the ingredients and cities that inspired them lead you to your next great idea. 

            Penthouse Potion No. 12

                        2 oz. sparkling rose
                        ½ oz. of gin
                        Splash of grapefruit juice
                        1 pump of lemon balm
                        Shake and serve in a champagne glass

            Moon over Miami

                        1.5 oz. Tequila
                        1 oz. hibiscus syrup
                        1.5 oz. watermelon juice
                        ½ oz. lemon juice
                        Dash of bitters
                        Shake and serve over ice in a tall glass. Garnish with a lemon slice.