Second in a series of three excerpts from a video shoot with Jeff Koons in which he shares the message in his art, posted on the occasion of his Whitney retrospective. Koons' 11’ Pluto & Proserpina sculpture, part of a new series, is on loan to the museum from Oceana Bal Harbour, an all-glass condominium project rising on a rare, 5-acre oceanfront site in Bal Harbour, Florida. Developer and world-class art collector Eduardo Costantini selected two Koons sculptures (Pluto & Proserpina and Ballerina) for this very special gated community. From NYC, Pluto & Proserpina will travel to Paris and Bilbao before making its home on the grounds of Oceana Bal Harbour.

 “I like to work with ready-mades because it gives a sense of acceptance. It communicates to people that everything is already here in this world, and everything is perfect as it is.

“What we are really talking about are people. Yes objects are wonderful -- they give us interest and support in our lives. But what we really care about are each other and what it means to be an individual.

“So it is about accepting who we are and accepting what our possibilities can be and to move forward from there. So that is why I work in ready-mades. It’s about everything is perfect; we are perfect; our past can't be anything different than what it is -- it is beautiful. Let’s go on from here.”