A series of insights and inspirations from Quinn’s creative strategists. Today, we hear from Miami’s own Camila Gamero. 

Who or what inspires you?
Aside from my mother, who inspires me to be flexible and open minded wherever I go, whether that’s sleeping on a rock or in a 5-star hotel, languages and culture inspire me. I find myself in bliss when I’m placed in an uncomfortable situation where the food and culinary aromas are different, where a smile means something more than a simple expression of joy, where average attire is woven in special silk and where siesta is a religion. Best of all, I find myself in bliss listening to what the mind and mouth utter in different sounds and tones as I try to make sense of it all. This inspires me to appreciate people for their beliefs and way of life. The more I immerse myself in different cultures the more I know, and knowledge is the only thing this world can’t take away from me. 

Why Quinn?
Because, like a glove, it just fits. Not only is our brand in line with what interests me, but the company culture is incredible. There is no greater feeling than waking up in the morning excited to go to work!

If not PR, what?
I would say something in design, whether it was fashion or interior design.

Favorite quote?
“Where so ever you go, go with all your heart”—Confucius