"’It is common for a successful, well-known executive to spend a million dollars a year — or much more — for a comprehensive security and privacy program,’" Gary Howlin, senior vice president at Gavin de Becker & Associates, which provides executive protection for wealthy people including clients in the Supreme Court and the CIA, tells Business Insider.

"’Our clients will never be found standing at the lobby desk to check in, and even walking through the public spaces is optional,’" he adds.

“’Gavin de Becker & Associates provides a very high level of protection. At residential estates, that involves a dedicated security office, elaborate technological early-warning systems, and strict access control to keep people out,’” says Howlin.

“The firm also owns and operates the Private Suite at LAX, where rich people pay upward of $4,500 for solitude when traveling — that includes drop-offs on the tarmac, bodyguard protection, and private security lines,” reports Business Insider

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